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Kitchen aids, clouds in my tea, a devotion for utensils that assist simple pleasures to come true. The toll of domestic duties, never-ending DD's, the beauty of sparkling clean dishes, light that enters through my kitchen window, staring aimlessly at autumn colors with a warm cup of coffee in my hands. 

"New impressions come into being beneath this familiar domestic beauty. For consciousness rejuvenates everything giving a quality of beginning to everyday actions'.

Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space.

Elisa Zorraquin0410.jpg

An object a day, Elisa Zorraquin, mixed media, 2019. Photography: Fred Kroh.

Elisa Zorraquin0372.jpg

Kitchen Aid, Elisa Zorraquin, found object, metallic paper, wire, beads, 2019.

Photography: Fred Kroh.

Elisa Zorraquin0376.jpg

Kitchen Aid II, Elisa Zorraquin, found object, brass, stainless steel, paint 2019.

Photography: Fred Kroh.

Elisa Zorraquin0405.jpg

Butter - fly, Elisa Zorraquin, copper, brass, stainless steel, polypropane 2019.

Photography: Fred Kroh.

Elisa Zorraquin0367.jpg
Elisa Zorraquin0371.jpg

Clouds in my tea, Elisa Zorraquin, found object, dry flower, resin, milk carton 2019.

Photography: Fred Kroh.

Elisa Zorraquin0402.jpg

Flies in my kitchen, Elisa Zorraquin, baking paper, beads, nickel silver, paper towel, 2019.

Photography: Fred Kroh.

I can handle it, Elisa Zorraquin, brass, 2019. Photography: Fred Kroh.

Elisa Zorraquin0404.jpg

Mothly, Elisa Zorraquin, textile, wire, brass, 2019. Photography: Fred Kroh.

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