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I am Elisa, an artist from Argentina, currently based in Melbourne, Australia. I translate everyday happenings into jewellery and objects.

The concept of looking and noticing is a resource I use to encounter value everywhere. In an era where society is in a constant rush and craves novelty and innovation, I undertake daily walks in search of wondrous findings that inspire my work. Flowers blooming, intricate iron gates and spontaneous combinations between nature and architecture.


I transform metals through the intimate, time consuming and delicate qualities of the handmade. This technique serves not only as a production method but also, as a way of slowing down. The jewellery objects, mostly in brass, revisit natural forms and speak about the simpleness present in my surroundings. Organic patterns, folds and light combine to inspire ideas of growth, beauty and surprise in daily life.


My practice approaches jewellery as an expression of personal gratitude and an invitation to others to delight in the everyday wonders present, and often overlooked, in the world. I seek to permeate the boundaries between the self and the world through jewellery and object making, drawing on close observation of the domestic and street settings present in my daily routine. 

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